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Chronic diabetes ulcer

Our success story on chronic diabetes ulcer. Our patient's testimonial:

“I first came to know about stem cell therapy when I was seeking treatment for an open wound on one of my feet. Although I am diabetic, I was still leading a fairly active lifestyle as an insurance agent. My diabetes has never stopped me from being the extrovert I am, going out to meet people and building my network for the purpose of my business and career overall. One fine day, after meeting a client, I came back home with a sore on my right leg. It started off as a small open wound that was wet. It was not until a few weeks later that I realised that it was not showing any signs of recovery. Being diabetic did not help the situation, instead it made it worse and the wound rapidly became bigger, exposing the tendons of my leg visibly through the wound. No amount of medicine, treatment or rest helped to make my leg recover.

My worst nightmare became true when I was told by the doctor that my wounded leg needs to be amputated before it gets life threatening. My fear of losing a part of my body got the better of me and I started searching frantically for ways to salvage my leg. My research led to discovery about stem cell therapy and its effectiveness in curing various ailments. I really had nothing to lose at that point of time. I desperately wanted remedy for my leg, and for that alone I decided to try stem cell therapy. I engaged SCTA for this, a company that produces pristine quality stem cells and provides consultancy and the much-needed motivation throughout the process. I did not have high hopes because of repeated disappointment through earlier treatments. To my surprise, my leg showed significant signs of improvement when the wound got dry in two days’ time.

After months of being wet and puss filled, it finally started drying up. Not only did it dry, it also became smaller in size and eventually the wound closed fully. What was more rewarding was the fact that my diabetes became better controlled and I could eventually be myself and start working. I’ve never been more pleased with the outcome of any treatments. I am glad I decided to employ stem cell therapy for my wound, and precisely SCTA for this purpose.

Thanks to the professional team in SCTA, I could now lead a better life with improved overall health condition.

Mr Samy, 58 years old, Malaysia (Diabetic foot ulcer)

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